About Us

About Us

Our mission is to make veterinary care accessible for all the dogs and cats in the country. The unconditional love and appreciation we receive from our four legged friends lifts us up and helps us through the hardships of life. The least we, as a society, could do in return is to take good care of them, including curing them when they are sick.


Why this is personal


If you’ve ever lost a pet, especially at a young age, you know how frustrating it is to feel helpless when they suffer. I always wanted a dog or a cat as a kid, and as I grew older it became more and more difficult for my parents to find excuses and they finally gave in. I got a little two month old tabby kitten from a litter of a friend’s cat and named her Yamaha, because she purred as loudly as an engine of a motorcycle by that same name (I was a bit of a nerdy kid.) A few weeks after I got her, my little brother’s friend accidentally slammed a door while she was walking through, and her jaw was broken. I find it even more heartbreaking to see pets suffer than humans. Maybe it is because they don’t complain and get depressed over their misfortune, but instead try to enjoy what they still can. Unfortunately my parents didn’t believe time and money should be spent to save a kitten, and she was euthanized. As we were leaving the vet's office, I saw her falling asleep for the last time in her life in the backyard, still being amused by a butterfly and trying to catch it. Her movements were already uncoordinated and sluggish as life was slowly leaving her tiny body, but she still looked utterly happy. I still remember that story very well, and sure am glad that now we can purchase pet insurance to help us in situations like that.


My childhood memories apart, now I am a reasonable adult who has to make tradeoffs and choices every day and decide how to spend my paycheck. With that, I am hoping to create a tool to help people make rational decisions about pet insurance. Come back soon to check on our progress and feel free to sign up for future updates from All About Pet Insurance.





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