Best Insurance for Golden Retriever in California

Golden Retriever getting older

Golden Retriever Health

When choosing pet insurance for your Golden Retriever, make sure that most common health issues are covered:

Eye Disease

Golden Retrievers are prone to significant eye problems, most of which are genetic such as cataracts and Pigmentary Uveitis. Pigmentary Uveitis often causing glaucoma, which can caouse blindness and migraine-like pain.

Joint Disease

Golden Retrievers are prone to a painful genetic hip deformity known as hip dysplasia. The breed can also have genetic elbow deformities and rupture of the cruciate ligament in the knees.


Golden Retrievers are prone to cancer of blood cells. In the US our most common Golden cancer is hemangiosarcoma, a rapidly growing, highly invasive variety of cancer, occurring almost exclusively in dogs and rarely in cats.

Heart Disease

Sub-aortic Stenosis, common in Golden Retrievers, is a narrowing of the aorta - the great vessel that carries blood away from the heart. The breed is also prone to cardiomyopathy which can cause heart failure.


The immune system commonly attacks the thyroid gland in Goldens, causing hypothyroidism. It has been estimated that 1 in every 4 Golden Retrievers will develop this disease.


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